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תפריט נפתח בחלון צף
דלג אל תוכן ראשי

A Single Point of Contact

Electra Residences supports and assists its customers throughout every stage of the project. Whenever a question arises or you have particular request, you will always know who to contact and where to turn for a rapid, attentive response. As a subsidiary of the Electra Group, one of the most stable and well-established groups in Israel, Electra Residences draws on the dynamic synergy that exists between every company within the group. This allows us to take full responsibility for all stages of the project, from initiation and land acquisition, through the planning and construction phases, to customer service during the warranty period. From your very first meeting with our representatives, to the exciting moment you receive the keys to your new apartment, and beyond, you can be confident that all the planning, construction, and services are being managed by a single point of contact. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are always our primary goals.

  1. 1

    Development & Planning

    Electra Residences

    Electra Residences identifies high-potential land in attractive locations and takes full responsibility for all acquisition procedures, including planning and obtaining all necessary permits from various authorities.

  2. 2

    Marketing & Customer Service

    Electra Residences

    As an Electra Residences customer, you always know who to call. Electra assigns each customer a personal representative, and our dedicated professional staff supports you from day one, throughout all phases of construction, and even after you have moved into your new apartment.

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    Electra Construction

    All construction work is undertaken by Electra Construction, one of Israel's leading and largest construction companies. Electra Construction is well-known for establishing dozens of complex, large-scale projects throughout Israel, including thousands of residences.

  4. 4

    ElectrArc – Apartment Design & Adaptation

    Electra Construction

    The ElectrArc Division provides specialist services to apartment buyers. Its staff includes experienced architects and designers who accompany the entire construction process and supervise all finishing work. This ensures outstanding results free from construction defects, guaranteeing buyers' peace of mind. This Division effectively coordinates all the professional bodies involved in the project throughout every phase and is committed to uncompromising standards of excellence. The staff helps you adapt your apartment to your personal needs and taste, with modifications and adjustments made to the plans during construction.

  5. 5

    Handover & A New Beginning

    Electra Residences

    When construction is complete, our representative will meet you at your new apartment to give you the key and help you celebrate the exciting moment. Our representative will be available to assist you with any questions and requests, and will handle all issues related to the apartment.

  6. 6

    Customer Service

    Electra Construction

    The warranty period begins the moment you take possession of your apartment, in accordance with the Apartment Sales Law. Our dedicated, attentive representatives are at your service to provide rapid responses to every question and solve every problem. Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, as evidenced by our thousands of satisfied tenants.