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תפריט נפתח בחלון צף
דלג אל תוכן ראשי

A New Project in Achziv: NIS 1.1 Million for a Four-Room Apartment

23/11/2015 Author: Ynet

The new residential project across from the Achziv shore: Electra Residences and Zemach Hammerman began today (Monday) to market a project on the Achziv shore that will include 745 residential units in a multi-level (by height) building. The first stage that has opened for marketing includes 288 units in 12 buildings. A four-room apartment will be sold starting at NIS 1.095 million and a five-room apartment will start at NIS 1.28 million.

We are referring to a new neighborhood that will include just 1,000 residential units and will extend over 65 dunam (1/4 acres). It will be built as a closed neighborhood with 30 buildings at a height of between six to nine floors, according to the plan. The boardwalk of Nahariya will be paved until the Achziv Park (the legendary Club Med) and will actually pass adjacent to the neighborhood itself. The area between the first line of houses to the beach (about 150 meters) has been declared as a national park and will remain as it is today.

According to Yaron Sorek, CEO of Electra Residences, “We participated in the Achziv Project together with Zemach Hammerman, stemming from the belief in this exceptional place. For the first time in Israel, a neighborhood is being built on a virgin strip of shore that kisses the Mediterranean. The neighborhood will be built on the Achziv shore line at a high standard and with affordable prices in comparison with their uniqueness. This is the first project that Electra Residences is building outside of the Center, but it will not be the last.”

The CEO of Zemach Hammerman, Haim Feiglin, added, “We are launching, together with Electra Residences, the most attractive Northern project in Israel today, adjacent to one of the most magnificent strips of shore. We are talking about one of the most unique projects that will be built in the upcoming years in Israel, and it will certainly be the most unique in the north of the country.” The companies reported that over 100 apartments have already been sold in a preliminary sale.

The natural shore will be preserved”

In this project that was planned by Roni Zis Architects in cooperation with the Office of Pik Architects, the majority of the apartments will overlook the Mediterranean. According to Niza and Yoni Pik from the Office of Pik Architects, “The planning of the neighborhood offers a variety of uses and building heights from west to east, in order to create a gradual development toward the beautiful and significant beach reserves of Achziv. The terraced formation at the height of the building and the creation of zones for both public and private use help to minimize the damage to the virgin natural area and create an appropriate balance, leaving a wide area for the public’s use.”

They also added, “On the western side, the natural strips of shore are preserved at a width of 100-160 meters and are open to the public with no development to the area. From the east of the strip of natural preserves, a beach boardwalk is planned for pedestrians and bike riders, which will connect the neighborhood and the shore to the boardwalk that already exists in Nahariya. Following that, land use for hotels, commerce and sport were allocated, and to the east, at a distance of 250 meters from the sea, 14 buildings of five floors in multi-level buildings are planned and another 70 private homes of two floors, at a distance of 400 meters from the sea, are planned. Behind these, at a distance of 400 meters from the seat, 15 buildings of 9 floors are planned,” they added.

According to the architects, a plan describing Nahariya, which determines the character and uses of the building in the city as a whole, specified the area of the Achziv Nahariya neighborhood to have residences in multi-floor buildings of up to 24 floors. Nevertheless, it has been decided to construct buildings to a maximum of nine floors, and instead of six apartments on a typical floor, buildings with only four apartments per floor are planned.

“The reason for our decision is that we understood that it is preferable to plan and build more modest buildings, which are appropriate for their location across from the sea and for the neighborhood experience, and will allow lower cost of maintenance for the long term.” They explained, “This is in comparison to multi-floor buildings with numerous apartments, which require more sophisticated systems, the addition of elevators, stairwells and more. Smaller buildings encourage community life and enable simple maintenance.