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תפריט נפתח בחלון צף
דלג אל תוכן ראשי

Green Park

The new Green Park neighborhood in north Tel Aviv enjoys the best of all worlds: luxury, comfort, and the ideal location. The Canaan Shenhav architectural firm has brought its considerable experience designing residential complexes to ensure quality of life, tranquility, and a green environment that blends with the urban rhythm. The innovative design includes a spacious underground parking lot, enabling residents to live in a pastoral, family-oriented environment closed to vehicular traffic, surrounded by manicured gardens and criss-crossed with bicycle paths, just minutes from Yarkon Park, the Ayalon Mall, and the successful Ramat HaChayal business and entertainment center. The neighborhood is planned to comprise three 27-story residential towers as well as three more intimate 10-story buildings, including 2, 3, 3.5, and 4-bedroom apartments, garden apartments, mini-penthouses, and penthouses. All apartments benefit from meticulous eco-friendly design in accordance with Israel Standard 5281.

Close to Everything

Green Park is a neighborhood ideal for children, who get to live in a green area with bicycle paths, advanced educational institutions, vibrant community center, and an exclusive country club, close to major entertainment attractions such as Luna Park, Ayalon Mall, Yes Planet, and more. Children also enjoy more quality time with their parents, who save time thanks to rapid access to the Ramat HaChayal business district and Herzliya Pituach, as well as the major traffic routes of Namir Road, Ayalon Highway, Highways 2, 4 and 6, as well as top shopping centers and Yarkon Park.

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