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Electra Panorama

Ramle's prestigious Neve David neighborhood has always drawn those looking for urban living in a quiet, pastoral atmosphere. Now, Electra Residences is building one of the city's most attractive residential complexes, right at the heart of this sought-after neighborhood in northwestern Ramle, surrounded by beautiful green fields. The project includes three stunningly beautiful 23-story towers, offering 3 and 4-bedroom apartments, spacious garden apartments, and duplex penthouses. Their outstanding architectural design emphasizes convenience, functionality, and optimal use of space. As the city's tallest buildings, the towers offer breathtaking views in every direction. Nature lovers will adore the expansive green vista spreading out in the direction of Be'er Yaakov, and city lovers will appreciate the view across Ramle's urban landscape.

Close to Everywhere

Electra Panorama is located in the charming Neve David neighborhood, in northwestern Ramle. Highway 200 will run directly past the complex, connecting Lod with Highway 431, and creating two new entrances to western Ramle. The neighborhood is just a short drive from centrally-located train stations in Ramle and Be'er Yaakov, as well as the light rail's planned brown line, connecting the city with the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

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