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תפריט נפתח בחלון צף
דלג אל תוכן ראשי


Now undergoing rapid development, the Midtown TLV project will soon change the face of Tel Aviv. Midtown is introducing an innovative "city within a city" concept: a single complex that encapsulates everything Tel Aviv has to offer – residences, offices, stores, restaurants, cafés, and a swimming pool, all in a winning location between Azrieli Center and Savidor Central Railway Station. The Midtown residential tower is located at the heart of this new complex, featuring a groundbreaking design by renowned architect Prof. Moshe Zur. The plans include advanced glass walls that allow residents to enjoy breathtaking urban views with a sense of privacy and intimacy, in addition to superb thermal and acoustic insulation. The 50-story tower comprises 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, as well as some of the highest penthouses in Israel. The Midtown office tower also rises to a height of 50 stories, offering prestigious office space at the center of Tel Aviv's business district. The tower's customized modular workspaces provide an ideal working environment: maximum comfort and tranquility on one hand, and on the other a highly desirable location in the bustling city, close to the courts, Diamond Exchange District, business and cultural centers, Ayalon Highway, HaShalom Road, and train stations. The Midtown international urban shopping complex will extend over approximately 19,000 square meters and provide a shopping experience unlike any ever seen before in Israel. The ground floor will feature a "shopping village" that blends seamlessly with the existing urban fabric, with 2 and 3-story commercial buildings lining narrow streets and alleys that converge on an open, vibrant city square. A lower level will be home to a commercial area that will offer direct access to the underground light rail station planned nearby.

Close to Everything

The Midtown complex is located at the heart of the action, with the Ayalon Highway to the east, Menachem Begin Road to the west, Azrieli Center to the south and Tzameret Park to the north. Residents, employees and visitors will enjoy convenient access from anywhere in the country – by car, train and light rail – as well as to the city's most important business and cultural institutions, the courts, Tel Aviv Museum, and the Diamond Exchange District.

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