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תפריט נפתח בחלון צף
דלג אל תוכן ראשי


This luxury residential tower in Tel Aviv's Tzameret Park presents an innovative living experience, creating an island of peace and tranquility at the heart of a bustling city. W-Prime residents will enjoy the best location in Central Tel Aviv, where they can observe the non-stop pulse of city life, discover breathtaking views of sprawling green areas, and enjoy a rare experience that combines tranquility and privacy with the dynamic rhythm of this vibrant city. W-Prime Tower has been meticulously designed down to the last detail, providing all the finest luxuries and amenities while maintaining its intimate, personal, and warm character. The building was recently completed and residents are already moving in. The 44-story tower includes spacious 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, duplexes and penthouses. Residents have access to a variety of outstanding amenities, including a luxury spa, pool, private gym, security services, and private concierge services.

Close to Everything

The prestigious Tzameret Park enjoys an ideal location close to the center of Tel Aviv, only a short distance from the shops and cafes of Kikar HaMedina (State Square), the green expanses of Yarkon Park, and the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat Gan. The neighborhood will include 12 residential towers surrounded by green public areas and shaded sitting areas, playgrounds, and a boutique neighborhood mall. A school is also planned for the children of the neighborhood, teaching academic excellence and environmental protection.

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